drone footage + bundled shots

Coffee Beans - Jay Baldridge
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deep mind 12

ambient presets

This is a collection of ambient poly synthesizer presets for the Deep Mind 12 that I have been working on for a few years now, Everything here has been hand crafted with with much time and energy. Use the modulation wheel to control VCF frequency, or check out the .txt file included, to see the other functions that I setup. Pay what you would like
Thank you, for supporting me as an artist.


A. 128 Deep Mind 12 Presets carefully crafted
B. Modulation & Pitch routing on each preset
C. Helpful READ ME for each preset, things to try...
Ducks Over the Lake
Listen to them here,
Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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ai artwork
to .psd hi-rez
This is a Photoshop CC document created in aims to help artists feature their own artwork on clothing quickly and easily for a variety of applications. Pay what you want to help support me, or download for free. 


A. Multiple High Resolution images
B. Everything has been meticulously cut out
C.Double Click to edit contents
C. Change your shirt color